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Nirosha "Nisha"
Rathnayake, FNP

Nisha has more than twelve years of patient care experience working in various clinical settings. She earned her Master’s of Nursing with a specialization in family practice at South University and her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Old Dominion University.
 Nisha is Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Board Certified by the ANCC. She has around two years of experience working in obesity medicine. Over these past two years, Nisha has grown increasingly passionate about using updated evidence-based practices for obesity medicine to ensure maximum well being and weight loss achievements for all of her patients.

She has recently been interested in GLP-1RAs and GLP-2RAs, peptide hormones derived from the GI tract, due to their significant improvements in weight loss, cardiovascular health, and blood glucose levels. 

Weight Management Specialist


“In our modern world, obesity has become a major factor in the development of many serious health-related conditions. This fact makes it inspiring to work in the field of obesity medicine, where patients and healthcare professionals can come together to eliminate this root cause. Here at Seriously Health, we strive to take a holistic approach in tailoring our treatments and evaluations according to each patient’s individual story and goals. 
Each patient’s journey in weight loss has become a part of mine. At Seriously Health, our patients’ successes and failures are a gauge for our own endeavors. In this field of obesity medicine, we are able to share the joy of achievement with our patients – we are able to witness not only the weight loss results, but also the improvement of patients’ psychological conditions, self esteem, confidence, and overall health. It is inspiring to be a part of these results over short periods of time – it is what makes obesity medicine truly amazing and distinct.
These achievements in weight loss also bear personal significance to me. I, too, went through the Seriously Health weight loss program, and I can speak for the life-changing results it brings. I am able to wholeheartedly guarantee the satisfaction of weight loss to our patients because Seriously Health brought it to me. I believe that weight loss is a commitment to yourself and who you want to become. Seriously Health can be your first step in committing to that path, and we will be there every step of the way.”

-Nirosha "Nisha" Rathnayake, FNP

Weight Loss Specialist Provider at

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