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McGee, RMA

Lindsay McGee, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant received her certification December 8, 2021. She completed her program through the National Healthcare Association (NHA). Through this association she also received a certification of being customer service certified with over 10 years of experience. While working with Seriously Health she has become interested in weight loss through all the patients that she's seen and how bariatrics can make a positive impact in every patients life.

"Ever since I was fourteen years old I have always wanted to help people. Helping people is my forte. It was in the year of 2018 when I worked at a hospital that I learned that I wanted to help people in a medical setting. I chose to work with Seriously Health because I want to show people that there is help for them and that we are willing to make sure they are in a comfortable place. I also chose to work here to make people feel like they are beautiful. It's great to see patients at each follow up with positive results and to see their smiling face. I wake up every day hoping to make someone smile and to make a positive impact in their life in any way possible. I love learning more about health care and more about each and every patient while working here." 

-Lindsay McGee, RMA

Weight Loss Medical Assistant at

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