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A Partner in Your Weight-Loss Journey

The battle of the bulge rages on in the United States, with more people than ever falling victim to it. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 35 percent of adults in America are obese, and more than 34 percent are overweight.

People with weight problems have a higher risk of many health complications, which is why dropping those extra pounds is so important. Seriously Health knows that weight loss can be daunting for some, and our team of skilled professionals works with each client — taking into account lifestyle, ability levels and diet preferences — to develop a customized weight-loss program that includes encouragement every step of the way.

Seriously Health services don’t focus only on weight loss. We also improve our clients’ wellness by offering supplements, IV vitamin-nutrition therapy, hormone therapy and dermatologic skincare.

But for now, let’s focus on the wide range of health benefits that shedding excess pounds (and keeping them off) offers.

It can:

• decrease the risks of such serious conditions as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

• lower blood pressure.

• reduce the risks of developing eye complications such as glaucoma.

• decrease the chances of certain cancers.

• expand mobility and lessen arthritic joint pain.

• improve blood-sugar levels.

• boost energy and stamina.

• downgrade stress levels and better sleep patterns.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about weight loss is that you don’t have to lose a significant amount of weight to start seeing beneficial changes. Even a loss of 5 to 10 percent can make a big impact on overall health.

When you're ready to let Seriously Health improve your appearance and health, we’ll help you make it happen. Our providers are trained and dedicated to weight loss, aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. We’ll plan the treatments and services that are perfect for your needs and desires. To make an appointment or for additional information about our services, please call 757-313-5420.

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