Medical Weight Loss

The Original

"Seriously Weight Loss"

Before Seriously Health, our clinic originally opened as Seriously Weight Loss in 2010. After seeing patient after patient with obesity induced conditions such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, obstructive sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue, Dr. Jennifer Pagador decided to open a small clinic focused primarily on helping patients lose weight in a cozy and judgement-free environment. Little by little, patients started to lose their conditions and feel a lot better as they put off the pounds. 

Although we have expanded to Seriously Health, we still remain one of the biggest and most efficient weight loss clinics in the Hampton Roads area. Our mission is to continue using the same methods mastered over decades, while incorporating new and effective treatments being discovered in obesity medicine every day. 

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How Our Program Works


Book your appointment online or by calling our office. Make sure to fill out our forms located here before you arrive to save time at check in!


Experience our in-depth and individual focused physical exam and workup complete with labs and EKG. We understand that there are medical issues that can block your weight loss such as thyroid, hormones, and previous illnesses.


Discuss nutrition and diet plans. Our medical team will work around your preferences, allergies, eating habits, and food sensitivities to target and attack the main issues with your weight gain. 


Determine if adjunct treatments such as IV rehydration therapy or scheduled weekly injections are right for you. Most of our patients experience faster and increased weight loss when utilizing a combination of treatments.


Spend an hour with your medical provider. We are board certified with decades of experience in bariatric obesity medicine and know how to address challenges in weight loss management. We take time with each patient, and never in an in-and-out fashion.


Create a personalized and one-of-a-kind plan. At Seriously Health we know that one size does not fit all. Understanding our patient's schedules and lifestyles helps us to develop plans that work and keep working.


Receive your medications. Not only do we prescribe at Seriously Health, we are licensed to dispense pharmaceuticals in office, saving time and money. Our dosages are always tailored individually to each patient.


Schedule your follow up appointments. We usually see our weight loss patients monthly for prescription renewals, and weekly for any add-on treatments like injections. You can schedule your follow-ups online or at the desk!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be overweight to participate?

Although most of our patients have been diagnosed as clinically obese or overweight, it is not a requirement to be seen. Our initial consultation can help us determine what is a healthy goal for you. Some patients have difficulty losing weight due to a condition (for example, hypothyroidism or polycystic ovarian syndrome) and require being seen by our medical provider to determine what is the best way to attack their weight.

Will I be hungry on this program?

Many of our patients report quite the opposite. Side effects from many of our prescribed medications include reduced appetite, increased energy, and loss of excess water weight.

Can I still participate in this program if I am on a variety of medications?

Absolutely. Our program is 100% physician-directed. We work with your current medications to create a program that works for you. Many of our patients come in on medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol and fortunately we have seen a lot of our patients actually come off these medications after losing a substantial amount of weight!

How often do I have to visit?

Usually our patients visit monthly for follow-up appointments and to renew prescriptions. Some of our patients supplement their monthly appointments with other things we offer such as B12 and LipoLean injections (these can be done weekly or bi-weekly) which further help them shed excess weight.

I've been a patient before but havent been for a while. Can I still come back?

Absolutely! We know that keeping up with a weight loss program can sometimes be challenging. If you have been unable to make your follow-up for more than 12 months, come back for a re-initial appointment to reasses your labs and physical state so we can start back where we left off and help you reach your weight goals.

I recently had my physcial, EKG, and labwork done. Do I still have to repeat these at your clinic?

If your recent physicals and blood tests were conducted by your primary care physician within the last 12 months, then these are totally acceptable. We will have to retrieve this information via a signed release form at your intial consultation, or you can bring in a copy yourself when you come in to your appointment. We will obviously not charge you for any EKG or labs if you bring in your own copy.

Do I have to sign a contract or pay in advance?

Nope! Our program is contract-free and if you feel it is not the right fit for you, you can stop at any time, no questions asked. We do ask for an initial deposit when booking online but we never ask for full payment until after your appointment is complete.

I'm worried my child is overweight. Do you see children?

Yes! We have many patients who have had success with our program and brought in their children as well. Our medical staff can treat adults and children alike, and we understand that children have different physiologies than adults and require individualized treatment plans. We begin seeing children starting at age 12 to 18. If you are planning on bringing in your child, please call the office beforehand so that we can schedule you with the appropriate providers.

Does my insurance cover any of the programs cost?

Insurance usually covers labs and certain medications. You can ask your insurance directly if your medications are covered. We ask for payment first and allow our patients to contact their insurances personally for reimbursement. We do not accept insurance for payment of the actual appointment, but we do accept cash, credit, care-credit, and FSA/HSA!

How much does the program cost?

We have baseline fees for our initial and follow-up appointments, which is then added to any additional prescriptions and/or injections, labs, supplements, etc. You can see our baseline prices here

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