Getting older isn't always easy.


Testosterone levels begin to drop after age 25 and low levels can lead to decreased energy, libido, strength, and mental clarity. Seriously Health is here to help.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


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What's the Deal with Low T?

Guys don’t like to talk about low testosterone, but it’s time to. The body slowing down its hormonal production is a natural part of aging. Signs of low testosterone include: lack of energy, declining libido, weak erection, poor sleep, decreased muscle + strength, decreased performance + concentration, and sometimes depression.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t be your full you. At Seriously Health, we use advanced science and FDA-approved procedures to create sustainable solutions to low testosterone. Our clinician-managed program works around your schedule and your time.


Due to COVID-19 we are offering telehealth as an option for follow-up appointments. Please note we are still open for in-office visits. Patients may schedule an appointment with our providers over the phone. This is not an option if your last appoitment was more than a year ago, as we will need a new EKG and labs. This is tentatively offered as we continue to monitor changes with pandemic regulations. The cost of the visit is the same as an in-office follow-up appointment. If you would like to schedule a telehealth appointment, please call our office or schedule online and select "telehealth". 

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One shot. Once a week. Consistent energy.

We don’t offer miracles. We offer proven, scientific ways to boost your testosterone, keep you in balance, and keep you healthy. That’s our mission. That’s our promise.

Our proven treatments consists of one quick and painless testosterone injection once a week, on your time and on your schedule. These injections are:

  • Highly-regulated

  • Supervised by a medical professional

  • Designed specifically for your testosterone-boosting needs

  • Aligned with your body’s natural hormonal levels

  • Easy, sustainable, and proven

There’s no guesswork. There’s no risk of over-or-under use. There’s just a straightforward, personal treatment designed and implemented by a professional. And it works.

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Feel Better. Look Better. Live Better.

  • Testosterone replacement therapy is a relatively painless procedure. Seriously Health uses injectable Testosterone Cypionate. This therapy is designed to supplement what your body is not producing in sufficient quantities.

  • Injections are given in the gluteal muscle, alternating sides with each injection. Injections are given every 7 days to maintain therapeutic levels throughout the week.

  • Men often report that they notice a difference in the way they feel within the first three weeks of beginning therapy.


Low T but don't want Testosterone? We have options.

  • A testosterone shot peaks at 3 days and starts to subside by the seventh day. By having one small shot a week, you are always at the level of testosterone you need to stay energized.

  • Some shots give you too much T, and then let it subside over the course of a month. We make sure that you have the right amounts at all times.

  • A man’s body converts used testosterone into estrogen. We provide another medicine along with your shot to manage that level and stay in balance.

  • For younger patients with low T but do not wish to be on testosterone and wish to preserve fertility, we can give you Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate), another type of non-testosterone medication.

  • We can also supplement low T with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

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Frequently asked questions

Policies and Procedures

Why Choose Us? The writing of your practice policies and procedures calls for the detailed consideration of all aspects of your business to ensure you comply with industry standards and safe work practices. Your ultimate business goals and objectives must be thoroughly considered, and every effort made to incorporate these as clearly and concisely as possible within the confines of your practice policies and procedures. Ensuring that the co rrect policies and procedures are in place to help you accomplish your long-term business goals is vital. As well as helping you to achieve what you want to achieve with your medical practice, the policies documentation is also extremely helpful in conveying your expectations of your staff. Having clearly defined objectives can also help to inform and reassure your patients as to what they can expect whilst they are under your care. If you’re a new start up practice and are currently looking for an experienced and knowledgeable company to help you formulate your ideas, or even if you are an existing practice who is looking to review and update their current policies, then BHC is here to help. We can also help you to update your policies and procedures in accordance with the ever-changing obligations on healthcare practices. If you require assistance with your workplace policies and procedure, why not give us a call today!

Project Management

Why should you choose us? Providing specialist, local project management support to our large range of clients is just one more thing which BHC founder Debra Smith has been doing successfully for well over 17 years. Our tailored approach to individual clients means that we are uniquely placed to offer project management assistance to projects of all sizes throughout Australia. We have managed a wide range of projects, from commencement of a brand new practice through to reviews of existing practices. Not only will we help to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget, but also in alignment with your other healthcare goals and targets throughout the practice. There are many steps involved in setting up a new healthcare practice, and BHC will be on hand to assist you at every step of the way. The years of experience that we bring to every project, means that your new practice will be off to the best possible start. For more information about how Berkley Health Care can help you in your new medical practice start up, or for project management advice and support within your existing healthcare facility, contact us today!

Information Technology

Why should you choose us? IT can be a daunting industry to anyone. Harnessed correctly, the sophisticated monitoring and tracking systems of modern day computing can provide some of the biggest advantages and exciting possibilities to your medical practice. With the ever-increasing challenges of e-health and electronic communication between healthcare providers it is vital that practices have robust systems in place to ensure accuracy, privacy and protection of data. Increased staff efficiency via streamlining and automation of processes is fundamental to ensuring you receive all of the benefits that information technology has to offer you. Key to all of this however, is ensuring your staff has up to date training on all of the systems that your practice has at its disposal. This is where we at BHC really come into our own. We can provide specialist IT training to all of your clerical and non-clerical staff, to guarantee your medical practice is run in an up to date and proficient way whilst ensuring that you comply with legislation and guidelines. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will also assist you in drawing up accurate software and hardware specifications to ensure that the IT solutions that you have available to you are the correct ones for your practice. For more information about how BHC can help you in with your IT solutions contact us today!

Financial Management Advice

Why should you choose us? Appropriate financial management is the backbone to all successful medical practices throughout Australia. Via regular reviews across all aspects of your practice’s financial performance, we can formulate informative reports with clear and actionable recommendations for improvement. We will also look closely at your practice’s healthcare and business goals, to set achievable and realistic KPI’s for your clerical staff, which we know from experience, will increase your productivity and help you to measure and benchmark your businesses performance across a given time period and against ‘like’ businesses. Only by the effective tracking and monitoring of these KPI’s can you really get to grips with how your practice is developing, and what you can do to accelerate this advancement. We can also help with other finance related aspects such as ensuring the appropriate utilisation of all available Medicare item numbers. It can be a difficult thing to combine effective financial management with such a personal sector as healthcare. However it is not just necessary, but essential in ensuring that your medical practice is able to continue to provide top quality healthcare to your patients. So if you would like to know more about how BHC’s business and financial management team can help you, why not give us a call today?

Service Delivery Improvement

Why should you choose us? At the heart of every good healthcare practice is a consistent desire to improve the services that they deliver to their patients. This could involve anything from obtaining accreditation (demonstrating your high standards to your patients), through to the setting and monitoring of various KPI’s to ensure the continued success your business. If you are considering, or are currently in the process of obtaining accreditation for your medical practice, then BHC can help to provide the support you will need throughout the process.
Improving the levels of service that your practice can offer, also involves the maintaining of Best Practice standards, so that both patients and staff alike have a clear understanding of what is expected from your practice and your staff. Our team will help to implement the appropriate systems and procedures, which will work to ensure that these standards are met. Not only will we help you to measure your practices performance against these Best Practice standards, but we will support you to understand and implement continuous improvement systems across all areas of clinical and non-clinical procedures, ensuring that your practice nurtures a continuous and ongoing desire for self improvement. Need assistance to improve your service delivery? Then call us today!

Training and Development

Why should you choose us? Our years of experience in providing the very best in continuous personal development and career advancement training, puts BHC at the forefront of medical training and development – a key aspect in the continued success of any medical practice. We offer completely customised training schemes, which are uniquely structured to fit the needs of each individual healthcare practice. Our specialist staff can work with you to identify any training requirements within your existing staff, as well as helping to provide introductory training to all new staff to ensure they are providing exceptional and professional service to your patients and clients. All of our training is undertaken in line with the ever-changing requirements imposed onto health practices, ensuring that your staff are fully aware and compliant with Best Practice principles and safe work practices. This is in relation to both their specific job requirements, and also the wider requirements and expectations of the practice. We can arrange all types of training depending on your practice’s individual needs. This may be group workshops and presentations or individual one on one training, either on or off site, as per your requirements. What’s more is that we will sit down with you to analyse your current training requirements by looking at your existing staffing capabilities. We can then accurately identify any shortfalls in skills and/or knowledge within your practice, and put forward a realistic training program proposal and budget if it is found to be necessary. Need more help with staff training? Then call us today for a full list of training and presentation topics we can offer!

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