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EVOLVE X Body Contouring
Trim, Tite, & Transform


Evolve X Body Sculpting and Types of Treatments

Evolve X is a type of non-surgical body contouring that can eliminate fat, tighten skin, and tone muscle in many areas of the body, including the abdomen, waist, arms, inner and outer thighs, back, legs, and buttocks.

With Evolve X, no invasive surgery is necessary; instead, non-invasive contouring uses radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic energy to reduce body fat and remodel muscle and skin. RF waves are safe and gentle on your skin, and they work by tightening the underlying skin structure and boosting collagen and elastin production. This process kills fat cells and encourages smoother, youthful curves.

Depending on which Evolve X treatment technology you decide on, the body sculpting can be customized to reshape your body the way you want. 

Evolve Tite

Evolve Tite uses RF technology to tighten skin on the abdomen, upper arms, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. This Evolve X body sculpting machine reduces fat and sagging skin by delivering the RF energy to the skin’s subdermal layers, allowing for the collagen remodeling process to occur.

After treatment, your skin slowly rebuilds with stronger, new proteins to look smoother and more toned. Evolve Tite is great for improving laxity and increasing your skin’s firmness, and treatments can be tailored and customized for many areas of the body.

Evolve Tone

Evolve Tone works by delivering electromagnetic energy to the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. The electromagnetic energy stimulates involuntary muscle contractions to tone and strengthen muscles, allowing for a more sculpted appearance. In difficult-to-tone areas, Evolve Tone is designed to increase muscle strength as well.

We recommend at least three to six Evolve Tone sessions, spaced one week apart. Patients typically start seeing results three to six months after completing their treatment series, but maintenance treatments may also be necessary to maintain ideal results.

Evolve Transform

Evolve Transform is an innovative body sculpting treatment that reduces fat, enhances skin appearance, and strengthens muscles. This Evolve X treatment combines two procedures into one. First, RF energy is used for deep tissue heating and fat burning, and then electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) induces forced muscle contractions.

Combining these two technologies allows for an effective body sculpting treatment that both builds and restores appearance. We recommend three to six treatments, spaced one week apart. You can expect results after three to six months.

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How Safe is Evolve?

Evolve is recommended for individuals who are looking for a non-invasive skin treatment to address specific areas that require contraction. Tite can be used to reduce texture irregularities in lax skin and provide a natural firmer appearance. It is a very safe and effective procedure that can be used on all skin types and skin tones.Evolve Tite is designed with a Patient Call Button so you can easily pause your treatment at anytime and have clinic staff make adjustments to ensure your comfort. Most clients find Evolve Tite comfortable. During your treatment you can expect a warming of your skin similar to a hot stone massage. As the radio-frequency penetrates the dermal layers, patients typically notice a reduction in the folds of their skin leading to a smoother contour of the body. Textural irregularities will even out and sagging skin will appear more toned.


Your Alternative to Liposuction. FDA Approved.

A non-invasive alternative to liposuction, Evolve reduces stubborn fat deposits, improves the appearance of cellulite, and shapes and contours the body.  This FDA-cleared treatment uses a combination of clinically proven modalities including deep tissue heating, radio-frequency (RF) energy, and suction coupled with negative vacuum pressure.

The Evolve hands-free applicators (6 paddles per treatment) are placed on the treatment area — or areas. The radio-frequency energy distributes heat to the skin and underlying fat, causing the tissue to heat. The vacuum and controlled energy pulses work together for fat reduction, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening.

The radio-frequency energy distributes heat into the targeted tissue and underlying fat causing the tissue to heat and contract. Once the the targeted tissue reaches temperature (43-44 degrees centigrade), a precise high voltage energy pulse is delivered to destroy the localized fat cells. The heating effect stimulates collagen which helps tighten the skin and fibrous tissues that cause cellulite. The vacuum and controlled energy pulses work synergistically together to deliver beautiful body contouring results and fat reduction.

Over time, the destroyed fat cells are swept away by the body’s lymphatic system, which is the body’s natural process for damaged cell removal. Results are long-lasting, noticeable, and natural-looking.


Why choose Evolve? 

Evolve Trim is an incredible alternative to CoolSculpting, liposuction and extreme exercise or dieting. Here’s why:

  • No incisions, discomfort or downtime

  • Tightens, tones and lifts the skin

  • Reduces dimpled skin

  • Improves the appearance of cellulite

  • Improves overall body contour

  • Effective for all skin tones

  • Long-lasting results

  • 30 minute treatment

Your practitioner will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal objectives. Treatment times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain optimal results. You will begin to see gradual
improvements in the treatment area following your first few sessions.


Pricing and Information


Please call our office at 757-313-5420 to book a consultation appointment. At your consultation meeting we will discuss your options and goals, to customize the Evolve treatment best for you. The cost of your consultation appointment is $50, which will go toward your Evolve treatment plan, should you decide to choose one. 

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